Storage Racking System Manufacturer in Malaysia

By focusing on excellence, ease of access, and safety, we enable businesses to maximize their storage capacity. Also, it improves the efficiency of their logistics processes. We are aware that the efficient use of storage space and the smooth running of logistics are essential elements of any prosperous company. That’s why we provide a variety of adaptable, customizable solutions to meet your specific requirements.


As the largest storage racking systems manufacturer in Singapore, Buildtech offers a wide range of storage rack systems to maximize pallet storage. From pallet racking, and Multi-Tiers, to Mezzanines and Shelving, our storage solutions cater to diverse warehouse racking storage. We specialize in project management and provide cost-effective and reliable installation services. Our experienced team and designers are devoted to providing practical warehouse storage solutions. Whether it’s a single pallet rack or an entire warehouse storage system.


Types of Storage Racking Systems

Selective Pallet Racking

This system offers direct access to every pallet stored, making it highly versatile and suitable for warehouses where different SKUs need to be readily accessible. It utilizes upright frames and horizontal load beams to support pallets.

Drive-In Racking

Designed for high-density storage, drive-in racking allows forklifts to enter the rack structure to deposit or retrieve pallets. Pallets are stored in a continuous block. It maximizes space utilization but sacrifices some selectivity.

Push Back Racking

Operating on a Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) basis, push back racking enables the storage of multiple pallets in depth inside every lane. As a pallet is loaded, it pushes the previously stored pallets back. This system optimizes space while maintaining selectivity.

Cantilever Racking

Suited for the storage of long and bulky items such as lumbers, pipes, or furniture. Consists of arms extending from upright columns, offering full access along the whole length of the rack.

Pallet Flow Racking

Employing gravity-fed rollers or wheels, pallet flow racking facilitates automatic stock rotation by ensuring that the first pallet loaded is also the first to be retrieved. This system maximizes space utilization and is particularly suited for perishable goods or high-throughput operations.

Shuttle Racking

The Shuttle Rack uses remote-controlled shuttles that transfer pallets within the rack structure, hence enabling storage of high density with lessened aisle space. Efficacy is brought about by the automation of pallet handling tasks and is best put in applications that involve speedy throughput with minimized labor.

Industries Served


Storage racking systems find application across a diverse range of industries, including:



Facilitating organized storage of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory, and finished goods



Optimizing inventory management in distribution centers and retail outlets, ensuring quick access to products

Logistics and Distribution


Streamlining order fulfillment processes through efficient storage and retrieval systems



Supporting the storage of heavy components and spare parts in assembly plants and distribution centers

Food and Beverage


Ensuring hygienic storage of perishable goods while maximizing space utilization in cold storage facilities

Benefits of Storage Racking Systems


  • Maximize available warehouse space to avoid putting up additional facilities
  • Storage systems can allow easy location and retrieval of items in an organized storage system, thus saving time and energy
  • Keep track of inventory levels and minimize stockouts with improved visibility and control
  • Ensure the safety of both personnel and stored goods with durable and secure racking systems
  • It allows easy reconfiguration or expansion of the racking setups if storage needs fluctuate
  • Streamline workflow processes with efficient storage solutions, enhancing overall productivity
  • Reduce inventory holding costs and optimize operational expenses by maximizing storage capacity
  • Grow your business with scalable racking systems that can accommodate future expansion plans effortlessly


Applications of Storage Racking Systems


The versatility of storage racking systems is evident in their widespread applications:



Warehouses rely on these systems to streamline inventory management, from raw materials to finished goods



Retailers utilize shelving systems to display merchandise effectively, enhancing customer experience and driving sales

Cold Storage


Temperature-controlled environments benefit from specialized racking systems designed to withstand low temperatures while maximizing storage density

Archival Storage


Document and archive management systems utilize compact and secure storage racking solutions to preserve valuable records and documents

Maintenance and Safety Considerations


Check Regularly: Look over your racks often to make sure they’re okay. If you see any damage, fix it right away.


Watch the Weight: Don’t put too much weight on your racks. They have limits, so make sure you stay within them. Overloading can be dangerous.


Keep it Clean: Keep the area around your racks tidy. This helps prevent accidents and keeps things running smoothly.


Train Your Team: Make sure everyone who uses the racks knows how to do it safely. Teach them how to load and unload things properly.


Fix Problems Fast: Take immediate action to address any issues you find with your racks. Your racks will be safer the sooner you address problems.


Use the Right Equipment: Make sure you always use pallet jacks or forklifts, among other appropriate equipment, when moving items on your racks. The items being stored as well as the racks themselves could sustain damage if the incorrect equipment is used


Label Everything Clearly: Make sure that shelves and aisles are labeled properly so that everybody knows where everything goes. This is to aid in ensuring there is order and that things go where they ought to be filed; hence, there will be fewer accidents.

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